Man Running on LightSpeed Treadmill

With LightSpeed, you’ll run
like never before.

Run faster, farther, and with less injury. By taking 20-30 pounds of body weight off with this harness system, you’ll be able to train at faster speeds with less impact on your joints.

Pro athletes use body weight support systems to improve their speed and to recover from injury. Top medical facilities use them to rehabilitate patients. Now, you can boost your own running to the next level.

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Run without pain

Want to get back on your feet again? Clinical studies have shown that body weight support machines help patients heal faster.

Recover faster

“Never have I felt as strong or as fast”

Thousands of athletes have experienced the benefits of body weight support systems. Here are some of their stories.


Set a new personal record

Marathon runners, NFL players, NBA players, and more have learned that body weight support training improves speed and turnover.

Train like a professional