Man Running on LightSpeed Treadmill

With LightSpeed, you’ll run
like never before.

The LightSpeed is a Body Weight Support System developed for physical rehabilitation and athletic training. The LightSpeed is designed to work with existing treadmills and allows for a controlled body weight lift of up to 35 lbs.

With the use of custom shorts or a lift-belt attachment device walking or running become easier, enjoyable and safe.

LightSpeed reduces impact force, encourages better form and increased speed.

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Run without pain

Want to get back on your feet again? Clinical studies have shown that body weight support machines help patients heal faster.

Recover faster

“Never have I felt as strong or as fast”

Thousands of athletes have experienced the benefits of body weight support systems. Here are some of their stories.


Set a new personal record

Marathon runners, NFL players, NBA players, and more have learned that body weight support training improves speed and turnover.

Train like a professional